Fridge Water Filter

What is SocalFilterShop and what do we do?

SocalFilterShop is a website that sells water filter jugs. Whether you’re looking for a water filter jug to remove impurities from your tap water, or to filter out pollutants on the go, we’ve got you covered.

The SocalFilterShop filter jug effectively filters out foreign matter mixed in tap water during disinfection and transportation.
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Descaling and Dechlorination Water Filter Jug

Upgraded double water outlet design saves water filtration time, it only takes 5-6 minutes to filter a pot of water. The lid-free lid design can be opened with one touch and can be operated with one hand.
Quadruple filtration, multi-effect water purification:

1. The fine filter screen intercepts large particles of impurities.
2. Imported ion exchange resin to filter out heavy metals such as lead and scale.
3. Imported activated carbon with high iodine value can absorb residual chlorine, color and odor.
4. PP cotton filter layer to filter out residual impurities and tiny particles.