Why does the received filter element have black particles attached to it?

The black particles are activated carbon that filters impurities in water. Due to long-distance transportation friction and other reasons, a small amount of activated carbon particles may leak out of the filter element. Just soak and clean it before use. This is a normal phenomenon. Please use it with confidence.

What is the service life of the filter element?

In order to achieve the ideal water filtration effect, SocalFilterShop recommends that the ordinary household activated carbon resin composite filter element be replaced every 2 months, and the ultrafiltration filter element be replaced every 6 months. The actual filter element usage time depends on the local water quality and frequency of use.

After using it for a period of time, it is found that there is some scale accumulation on the top cover and the water injection port. What is the reason?

The top cover and the water injection port are often exposed to unfiltered water, which is caused by carbonate (scale) in the water. It is recommended that you use general household citric acid descaling cleaners to clean and remove the scale regularly.

If the purified water is in contact with the water filter element for a long time, will the pollutants adsorbed in the filter element be released back into the water?

Once adsorbed, pollutants are absorbed through the internal exchange material, preventing the re-release of pollutants from the surface back into the water.

Is the material of the water filter jug safe?

The entire filter material of SocalFilterShop is of food-grade quality, safe and secure to use.